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Fortis Accountants are a Chartered Certified Accountants based in London offering personal and business accounting services with Quickbooks and Xero support for businesses and sole traders.

New technology has now been embraced by the HMRC to make it mandatory for companies and sole traders with turnovers in excess of £85,000 to submit their annual accounts and VAT returns in approved digital formats. Compliance will be rolled out to other areas of taxation including the self-employed and landlords in due course.

There are a number of Cloud Accounting software companies that have been following the HMRC Making Tax Digital guidelines to produce ‘cloud based’ software. Among them are  Quickbooks and Xero, both of which we recommend as suitable for most large companies and SMEs. 

How Fortis Accountants bring out the best of QuickBooks and Xero

Using Quickbooks and Xero, we support our clients with their online accounting services to save them time and provide real-time accurate financial reports to help them make better business decisions. Here’s why:

The essentials.

Naturally, the financial data of any company needs to be secure, accurate and selectively accessible.

  • Secure that data is stored confidentially, future-proofed, ring-fenced and protected against malware.
  • Accurate so as to provide a basis to ensure sound decision-making, reliable reporting and ease of auditing.
  • Accessible to key people in the company with filtered access for the input and retrieval of data.

Cloud Accounting makes all the difference. It delivers all these essential qualities but the software is well beyond the capacity of desktop computers; ‘the cloud’ is, in reality, a series of interconnected supercomputers placed in secure locations around the world so that, should a disaster strike one of them, all the data and functionality will be maintained.

The benefits

This is a massive step forward. Using Cloud Accounting, companies benefit by having access to crucial data required to make far-reaching predictions at the press of a button. Accountants are presented with or can assist in, producing reliable figures which enable them to make tax returns easier and on time with less chance of challenges from HMRC

The configuration to suit your business

It follows that the quality of the input data must be accurate and immediate. Whilst both QuickBooks and Xero are intuitively simple and easy to use, they require time and effort to learn. There is a learning curve which can be daunting to begin with. This is where we can help. There are training courses but, for one-on-one tutorials, Fortis Accountants can assist as the firm is certified by both Cloud Accounting software companies. We have the expertise to help you get started. We will configure the database to the exact requirements of our client and create the protocols to suit its purpose whilst making data entry routinely easy.

Both platforms have apps that are useful in collecting data. For example, photographing an expense receipt at the time of purchase and transmitting it to the database.


Last but not least, there is the imperative of supplying the data in a format suitable for tax returns. With our specialist knowledge of how your company’s finances work and the compliances required by the HMRC, we can bridge that gap to maximise the benefits of both QuickBooks and Xero.

Going forward

Located in London, our team of Chartered Certified Accountants offer a range of accounting solutions for you. Fortis Accountants supports its clients in London through good accountancy advice, reporting, timely alerts, tax planning, corporate advice and of course, HMRC compliant and tax returns – Please contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation and find out how our service can help you or your company grow.

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